Private Coaching

I have two year old twin boys, so I know firsthand how motherhood transforms your life. It dramatically shifts your identify, your routines, your relationship to your spouse or partner.

The anxiety. The love. The guilt. The isolation. The fear. The self-judgment. The “shoulds."  

It’s overwhelming and often hard to fully enjoy all the happiness and excitement motherhood brings.

My approach, which I call “I’m Mommy & I’m Me: The New Mommy & Me,” changes all that for the better.

As a mom or mom-to-be you want to give your all, but don’t want to lose yourself in the process. You're a mom who wants happiness, fulfillment, and well-being for everyone, including yourself.


Learn how to: 

  • Uncover more moments of joy and peace throughout your day
  • Be more self-accepting and kinder to yourself
  • Find a moment of stillness when you feel like everything is falling apart
  • Utilize the power of choice

We’ll work together to examine the beliefs surrounding your life focusing on identifying blocks and patterns of thinking that keep you from feeling happy.

My approach blends spirituality and practicality. I’m known for saying, “Get on your meditation pillow, and then get up and do something about it!” We won’t just look inward. We’ll identify the practical tools to make your vision for motherhood a reality. Here's how: 

  • Develop life-changing tools and strategies to uncover more moments of joy in motherhood
  • Cultivate routines that take into account your needs as well as the needs of your little ones
  • Handle stressful / challenging moments without resorting to guilt and self-judgement
  • Discover ways to balance your new identity of “mom” with your existing sense of self
  • Minimize feelings of powerlessness and anxiety when faced with chaotic moments



All packages include:         

  • 75 minute initial call (all subsequent sessions will be 50 minutes) 
  • Accountability check ins via email to make sure you’re moving forward
    - expect a response in 24 hours
  • Session notes (to be shared via google spreadsheet) including homework and next steps
  • Custom program based on where you’re at and what you want to accomplish
  • In person coaching available in NYC


"I started working with Joanna in late 2016. Prior to working with her, I was already familiar with the books and guidance of Gabrielle Bernstein and other contemporary spiritual coaches. However, I was not always able to apply what I was reading to my own life. I started working with Joanna during a stressful time in my life – deciding whether I wanted to stay in New York, a tough time at work, a break up. I specifically wanted someone to help me change the negative thought patterns that were leaving me exhausted. I knew that I could be kinder and better to myself but I didn’t know how. Life events, I could not change, but how I approached them and thought about them I definitely could change. Joanna’s coaching was so transformative. She gave me practical tools to help me identify negative self-talk and replace them with positive and productive messages that quickly shifted bad days into good days. She also has an empathic but objective coaching style that always made me feel heard, but at the same time appealed to the realist and practical side of me. As I progressed, she was able to modify her coaching so that it helped me through different levels of growth. Since I started coaching with Joanna, I have felt happier, lighter, and able to move through life with more ease."
- Joyce Yam

"Joanna has had an incredible impact on my life. She has applied the techniques of Gabby Bernstein's teachings and books in a real world way to my life's daily stresses. She has helped me remove obstacles and get me out of my own way. After years of traditional therapy and feeling more plagued by the 'whys' of life, Joanna helped me reassess those issues and provided me with the tools to remove myself out of orchestrated storylines. I feel free, liberated and so very grateful our paths crossed."
- Cecilia Lona


"My coaching sessions with Joanna have been invaluable. After working with Joanna for several months, I was able to identify that my overdrive lifestyle was no longer serving who I was and I needed to make changes to my health, relationships and career to steer my life in a more positive direction. Joanna provided me with the insights and building blocks to help me transition into a “better me”. Our discussions focused on uncovering and changing patterns and routines to help me be my best self. With Joanna’s help I was able to improve my relationships and make a career shift. Today, I’m more present and engaged in all aspects of my life and I’m empowered to be my true authentic self. I’ve shifted my mindset, slowed down and I’m now able to start enjoying the life I’ve built. I’m continuing on my healing journey and I am forever grateful for Joanna’s help." 
- Sarah O’Neill